Server Rules

1. No Hacking, Glitching or doing anything that cannot
be done in real life.

2. Be respectful at all times to all players and Admins
Rude players will not be tolerated.

3. Base sizes are not to be more then 3 levels high and
no more then 5 fences or walls long.

4. No building within 200 metre’s of a Military or
trader. Also no building inside or directly around Police, Fire
or Hospital’s area’s.

5. The PVE area is not for killing other players.
If you choose to kill or accidently kill another player
your name will show on the map
as a murderer, until another player kills you.
Repeat offenders will be BANNED

6. Crashing, Flipping or Losing a Vehicle is apart of
DayZ and they will not be replaced
by Admins.

7. PVP Zones are clearly marked on the map with
YELLOW borders, so be aware of what zone you are
in If you die in a PVP zone that’s it you die Admins
will not teleport you back to your body or help
in any other way as this is apart of DayZ.

8. The server Rules can change at any time so please keep an
Eye out in #announcements to let you know what’s going on.

9. Server Restart is every 3 Hours from 12AM please
logout before restart or you could lose some
of your loot

10. Server will wipe on the 1st week of each month to
help keep it running smooth. If there is a server
update and i have to wipe the server, I will post it in
#anouncements on Discord.

Follow the Rules at all time’s