Server Monetisation Policy

This server follows the Bohemia Interactive DayZ monetisation rules and guidelines as outlined in their policy at As such:

  • Charging players to access your server, if the fees and associated perks do not affect gameplay in any way, is allowed. Limiting access to only paying players is allowed. Servers with access limited to paying players must be on a different hive, or have rules and settings identical to the freely accessible servers.

Our server is publicly accessible to all players. Players who pay for priority access receive no other benefits except for being placed on our whitelist.

  • Product placement, in-game advertising and sponsorship is allowed. Accepting donations is allowed, but to avoid any doubts: not providing donations must not prevent anyone from accessing the content.

All items created as a result of Patreon subscriptions or commissions are placed in the relevant Trader and are accessible for all players to purchase at all times.

  • Selling of in-game items, that don’t affect gameplay, and selling of cosmetic perks are allowed. (Applicable only to servers with mods, after modding support has been added to Dayz)

The players that commission custom items do not receive these items directly and must also visit the relevant Trader in order to purchase them. Custom items are created using base-game content without stat alteration and items from other mod packages are neither reskinned nor resold in any form save for ingame as they would be normally without monetisation.

  • The permission is given for a limited time. It will expire on January 31st 2022.

At this time we will review our monetisation policy and reapply as necessary.

What do you get ?

All donations that be $5.00 or $100.00 will get the same accses to the Donator Vendor in the server wher you will get items for cheeper and sell stuff at higher price. Items on the donator vendor can only be seen
by the person that has Donatored to the server. You will also get a Loadin Oufit that will spawn each time
you spawn in the server ( If you die you will spawn in with a custom outfit ).

Why would you Donate ?

All donations will helpw with the on going server cost to keep the server alive
also to get some more custom stuff made for the server in the ways of Mods and custom in game content
also yo get you some exrta stuff in game and look cool on spawn in with a nice outfit.

How to Donate ?

If you like to donate and get all the cool stuff in game please click the in below
you can donate any amount you want it all helps the server.

Donate Here