Welcome to GameCoreAu Website

Hi my name is CeeKay im am the Owner of GameCoreAu i would like to welcome you
to my website that i have just made i hope you like it. What is GameCore you ask
well host a DayZ server online for you all to in join. And i would to host more for
you in the furture but time will tell. Right now come join us in a game or tow
on the Dayz Server GameCore DayZ [Au][PVE|PVP-Zones][Trader+][Helis]50k Start
the IP :
there are few Mods to download but it will be worth it.
Also if you have the time and want to get to know some of the players in a diffrent way
why not join us on the Discord where we all hang out and chat.
Discord : https://discord.gg/M7TN4mwmSY
I hope to see you there

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